Summary of iPhoneOS 4 New Features Announcement

COOL~~~ Finally Apple made our dreams comes TRUE!!

There are 7 new features coming to the iPhone OS4 :

  • Multitasking – As you can see in the 2nd picture, a little dock in the bottom of the screen, you can switch apps in between just select the app you want to open in the bottom. This multitasking also can do listening radio or VOIP or GPS in the background as well.

  • Folders – You can now categories your apps into a folders.  Originally you can only put 16 apps in a page and up to 11 pages, the total apps you can put only 180 apps, but now you can put 16 folders in a page and up to 11 pages, that’s mean you can now put 2,160 apps into your iPhone.

  • Unified Inbox – Now iPhone OS 4 support multi Exchange account and easy for you to manage your emails

  • iBooks – Apple Inc. announced iBooks on iPad and now also open it on the iPhone OS 4

  • Enterprise – It provide better email encryption for the companies

  • Game Centre – This is like Xbox Live! and PSN, you can add social gaming network and get your trophies for achievements in the iPhone.

  • Mobile Advertising (iAd ) – For the traditional in-app advertising on the iPhone, when you click the advertisement, it will then quit your application, direct you to safari and go to webpage.  Isn’t annoying? However, in the iPhone OS 4, it’s provide in-app advertising, When you click the small ad., it’s just pop up an full page advertisement inside the apps, even in animation or video form. All advertisement are made of HTML5.

End of Summary.  

This iPhone OS 4 will be launched in Summer 2010 and the iPad version will be launched in Fall.

Finally, please also note that iPhone OS 4 only work for iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 3rd generation.