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iDigg 1.0.0

Category: Social Networking
Price: $.99 -> Free, Version: 1.0.0 (iTunes)


Digg client application for the iPhone

WAHT IS DIGG- Through Digg you gain access to the world of socially aggregated online news. While the site specializes in Tech news, there are more specialized categories where you can find news of interest to car enthusiasts, outdoorsmen, and more than anyone’s fair share of funny videos.

iDigg uses the published DiggTM API.

• Browse a full list of recent popular or upcoming or top in 24hr,7days,30days or 365days articles.
• Filter Digg News,Images or Videos by the familiar Digg categories and sub-categories
• Digg interesting articles
• Bury or undigg your interesting articles
• View articles using Digg’s built-in browser or Safari
• A slideshow of images it can scrape from the linked article.
• List ,digg or bury an article’s comments.
• View the replies and diggs of a spcific comment

• View a digger’s dugg,commented, submitted or favorited stories.
• View a digger’s recent activity,comments and profile photos
• View a full list of a digger’s friends and fans
• View a friend’s or fan’s activity history
• Share articles or images with built-In Email Composer

We have done everything we can with the entire Digg API interface,making sure that we’d be ready the moment they open up their API to adding new stories, and leaving comments. We know you all want it.

We feel certain that all of you will appreciate what is now a MUCH richer Digg experience.

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