iPad Skins: Clothe And Protect Your iPad With Personality

Editor’s note: This is a guest post authored by Stephen Markas, Editor In Chief of iPadAccessories.com. Stephen’s article gives you great information about the different companies that make iPad skins.

The Apple iPad exploded into the technological scene with the power and the most diverse list of abilities imaginable, and the iPad is continuing it’s amazing success with over 3 million units sold already! The iPad’s price tag can get quite hefty, and as such, it’s  a tool that is worth investing in and merits care and protection to insure a long life.

New iPad protective skins are available to guard against every day bumps and scratches. To further enjoy the whole experience, tons of cool features are available to customize your iPad making it as unique as yourself.

Artistic decals are a must have addition to tailor the iPad to your personality. Here’s a review of some of the best iPad decals and protective skins on the market right now:

The invisibleShield by Zagg

First off is the king of iPad protection. This iPad protective skin is made with a super durable film, is completely transparent, and matches exactly to the size of your iPad. It protects the screen and back of the iPad from damaging scratches, even from jagged edges of metal objects, such as keys.

Another useful feature is that, since the material was originally developed to military grade specs, it is highly durable and guards the screen against corrosive substances like the accidental spray of cleaning fluids or the oils from fingers and hands. The invisibleShield enhances your visual enjoyment by reducing glare and smudges, making it a truly an amazing product and our favorite clear iPad protector on the market right now.


However, perhaps you are looking to give your iPad a little more personality. GelaSkins have the two-fold purpose of providing defense against nicks and scrapes, while clothing your iPad in style and oozing personality out every port.

GelaSkins come in hundreds of pre-made varieties by top modern artists, and they also have the option to create your own skin design that is unique to you. Just upload your artwork or photos onto GelaSkins’ website and enjoy the endless opportunities to create and enhance the appearance of your iPad. GelaSkins use 3M technology for simple application and clean removal.

Invisible Defenders

Invisible Defenders skins accomplish a completely original look for your iPad. It shields your device from wear and tear while giving it a smooth celebrity appearance. Each skin comes complete with simple instructions for application.

The designs are printed on resilient 3M or AVERY vinyl that adheres to the iPad without air bubbles or sticky residue. The vinyl is also laminated with a transparent film, so the images will never fade, rub off, or scratch. Skins can be customized to fit your wants without canceling your warranty.

Also, Invisible Defenders provide application tape to help you align the skin perfectly to your device.  You never have to touch the adhesive with your hand, which causes the skin to lose it’s grip.

SkinIt iPad Decals

Finally, we have the SkinIt iPad decals. Similar to GelaSkins and Invisible Defenders, the creators of Skinit skins have designed 24 different categories of skins and release new skin styles every week. Some of these include sports, Disney, art, military, entertainment, seasonal, and American Idol. Or you can upload shapes, images, or text to customize your own skin.

All of Skinit skins are made of premium glossy vinyl and use a distinctive high resolution six color process. Then the design is covered with clear coating for extra protection.

In summary, unfortunately the iPads are prone to scratches and denting. As soon as you purchase your exciting new tablet, don’t leave it naked and exposed to the elements and dangers of everyday life.

Since the iPad cases that you choose are as much a fashion statement as they are a social statement, don’t hesitate to express your individual character and style on the iPad with the abundance of amazing iPad decals and protective skins available today.

iPad Skins: Clothe And Protect Your iPad With Personality