A beautiful flight game, free for limited time, get it (original price : $3.99): Airliner USA (Games)

Airliner USA 2.1

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Price: $3.99 -> Free, Version: 2.1 (iTunes)


In this game you control an Airliner and the goal is to guide the plane to as many states and major cities as possible. Your fuel is limited and if you run out, the auto-pilot quickly takes over to fly you to your destination. A fun game which while playing will teach you where all the states and cities of the USA are. The music, about 2 hours of unique material, of the game is composed by Ronald Jenkees and is very entertaining while flying over the country. The map material is provided NASA.

What’s New

– free iAd version
– enhanced game play
– bugfixes

Airliner USA