Yahoo Mail Joins the iPad with HTML5 Support

If you use Yahoo’s email service to keep up with everything around you, now you can visit the Yahoo Web Mail service from your iPad. Yahoo just launched a version of their site that’s been designed to fit in with your iPad, including portrait and landscape support, scrolling up and down your messages list and more.

The new HTML5-based interface is similar to the recently launched version of Yahoo Mail for the iPhone and iPod Touch. To access the Yahoo Mail service on your iPad doesn’t require any software downloads. All you have to do is simply launch the Mobile Safari browser on your iPad and point to the Yahoo Mail Web site ( to see it in action.

The new web interface supports message searching and organizing, viewing attachments in-line, and will also include local caching, which allows you to access and search your messages when an Internet connection isn’t available to you. You can also search through your inbox using full search, personal folders or smart folders with messages from your most important contacts.

A few features aren’t supported yet on the new HTML5-based interface. For example, you can’t attach a signature, photo, or video to an outgoing message like you can with the Yahoo native e-mail app. However, the new web interface added a fancy feature to handle incoming media. If you get a message with photo attachments, the Web client lets you swipe through them like you would within the iPad’s Photos application.

[via Padgadget]