How to : let your hotmail becomes push mail on your iPhone and iPad


Hotmail now support push recently, just a simple steps, you can make your hotmail becomes push mail.  Don’t forget to delete your current one first, just follow the steps belows :

iPhone and iPad Setup

The steps are similar for the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad.  On a device that supports only a single ActiveSync profile, make sure to back up the data on the device before configuring the ActiveSync profile for Hotmail access.
1. Tap on Settings. Under Settings, click on “Mail, Contacts, Calendar”.
2. Tap on “Add Account” in the Accounts page.
3. Tap on “Microsoft Exchange” to configure Hotmail access.
4. Enter your full Hotmail email address in both Email and Username fields. Leave Domain blank. Enter your password. In the Description field, enter a name, e.g Hotmail.
5. Enter for the Server name.
6. If access succeeds, you will see this page. Select the data to sync. Tap on Save.

Enjoy your push!