News: Survey shows iPad owners consume more media, are more receptive to ads

Described as iPod and iPhone compatible but obviously designed primarily to be used with the iPad, Jensen’s new JiPS-250i Rocker ($100) is the second major-brand speaker dock to feature an iPad-ready mounting system. Rocker includes two total speaker drivers in its lightweight plastic base, which has enough inside to support some but not all of the angles that its large silver and black iPad cradle can tilt on. The cradle rotates, moving what’s normally its supportive bottom — with volume and power buttons, a power light, and an Infrared sensor for its included remote control — 90 degrees to the right side, holding only unencased iPads inside. Jensen includes video-out, line-in, and power ports on Rocker’s back, requiring the use of an included wall adapter for power; there’s no battery compartment on the bottom. A free application adds a wide collection of features, ranging from an alarm clock and Internet Radio streaming to picture frame functionality.

[via iLounge]