Arkon’s IPM-TAB1 iPad Stand – Gear Review

When looking for iPad accessories, you may want to consider travel-friendly gear that becomes a great companion wherever you take your iPad. A user-friendly stand could be an essential iPad accessory to enhance your mobile experience wherever you go.

Arkon’s IPM-TAB1 is a very portable and lightweight stand. Its design frees up your hands so you can watch movies, surf the web, read an eBook or recipe, display photos, or conduct a presentation with this easy to use stand (review after the break).

The IPM-TAB1 stand features a very lightweight design. When folded its dimensions are 7’ x 1’ x 1’. It only weights 2.9 oz, which makes it perfect to carry around on your next business trip, when traveling on planes, trains, or simply while you’re on vacation.

The portability and design flexibility allows you to seat back and relax while watching a movie or playing a game. I can see myself using it on a plane as a seat back tray table while watching a movie or simply answering emails via American Airlines WiFi service.

The stand’s support legs feature non-skid cushioned pads for added stability. This makes the stand very stable and does not allow your iPad to slip in any way. We tried the stand on different surfaces, and it behaved very well.

What we liked: The Arkon’s IPM-TAB1 design is very portable. It’s very lightweight, which makes it easy to carry around wherever you take your iPad. For the price of $17.95, you can’t ask for anything more. It can fit in any backpack or carry-on luggage.

What we didn’t like: The stand behaves as advertised. It would have been nice to add a carrying pouch with the IPM-TAB1 stand. But, this should not prevent you from giving it a try.

To buy or not to buy: If you’re looking for a flexible iPad stand at a very good price, the IPM-TAB1 stand is a good choice. It gives you a lot of flexibility. You can use it on airplanes, trains, at home, on your next business trip, or while vacationing. It’s a sleek design with great portability and a cheap price.

[via Padgadget]