First Looks: Griffin PowerDock Dual

Griffin’s first two PowerDocks were blockbuster charging stations: PowerDock 2 and PowerDock 4 offered multi-iPod/iPhone users the ability to simultaneously charge two or four devices at once, respectively, back before the idea of keeping a couple of Dock Connector charging wells next to one other became common. So the company’s new PowerDock Dual ($60) is trying something a little different: on the left is a well ready to hold an iPad, while the smaller right edge is capable of holding an iPhone or iPod — each device can recharge at full speed, thanks to 2.1-Amp and 1-Amp power. Apart from support for the iPad, the “little difference” is a central hard plastic tray area where you can leave your car keys or some other items in between the two Apple devices, which incidentally have been angled to prevent one from obscuring the screen of the other. This is a pretty smart design, though sort of iffy on case compatibility; two clear plastic inserts are included to help provide support for the iPad and iPhone if you want to use them, offering additional clearance for possible case use if left off. As before, PowerDock Dual is solely for charging: the rear has a port for the included international wall power supply, nothing else.

Power Dock Dual is available now and sell for $59.99 [click here to buy]

[via iLounge]