ZeroChroma’s Vario Case/Stand for iPad – Accessory Review

Looking for iPad accessories? ZeroChroma is a newcomer to the iPad accessory scene. They’ve been in the iPhone accessory business for a while, but now they’re coming with some creative ideas with their Vario for iPad Case/Stand combo.

The Vario for iPad is an interesting new protective shell for the iPad that does several things: it covers the back of your iPad, it includes a 16-position pop-out video stand for your preferred viewing angle, and it also has a 360 degree rotating arm that allows you to use the iPad in different typing and viewing modes.

The case protects the back of your iPad quite well. It’s a hard plastic case with a shock-resistant rubber interior that helps to absorb impacts. However, we would have liked to see a little bit more protection for the sides of the iPad. Some of the sides remain a bit exposed for our liking.

The Vario case is a 16-angle rotating stand that allows you to pick many angles for hands-free movies, reading, typing, gaming, surfing the web and more. It allows you to use the iPad in landscape and portrait modes, by simply rotating the stand arm until it clicks into place in landscape or portrait. We liked the fact that by rotating the stand you can position your iPad in any number of viewing modes.

When typing the anti-slip rubber bumpers and stand tip work very nicely. You can answer emails and play games quite comfortably. Another feature we liked is the slim and fold-flat capability for this case/stand combo. When you’re done using your iPad, you can simply hide the stand within the case. You could also use the case as a reversible screen-shield protector. Pop the case off, flip it, and snap it on the screen.

What we liked: Hard protective case that is very easy to install. The 360 degree rotating arm brings a lot of flexibility to this case/stand combo allowing you to use your iPad in many viewing angles. Given that the stand is integrated into the case makes it quite handy when you need to use it, and it’s quite easy to hide the stand within the case.

What we didn’t like: Would like to see a bit more protection on the sides of the iPad. Some of the sides remain a bit exposed for our liking. Even though the hard plastic case can be used to protect the iPad screen while traveling, in this scenario the back of your iPad will remain exposed.

The price may be a bit steep ($69.95) for some, although some could argue that it competes with Otterbox’s Defender iPad Hard Case, which sells for a higher price ($89.95).

To buy or not to buy: The Vario for iPad features a very attractive design, and is quite handy for folks that would like some protection for their iPads and at the same time would like to have a case/stand combo. The design definitely provides you with multiple viewing and typing angles for your iPad. The price may be a bit steep for some, but perhaps, the design flexibility and functionality may be just enough for some to give it a try.

[via Padgadget]