The Kork™ iPad Case

The Kork™, by A PRODUKT, is an eco-friendly iPad case. It’s made from 100% natural leftover cork, then formed into a uni-body shell for the iPad. It gives great protection and is ergonomically designed to fit in your hand, just like the iPad. It has a very natural grip and feel and is very light weight while leaving easy access to all the buttons and ports. ‘The Kork™ is a fine blend of Technology and Nature.’


  • Recycled and Recyclable Natural Cork
  • Easy access to all Buttons and Inputs
  • Ergonomic Natural Shape and Feel
  • Angled Audio Output for Front Projected Sound
  • Larger Dock Connection Extra Space for Connectors
  • Extra Space for Bigger Jack Input
  • Angled Mic. Wall for User Directed Sound Caption
  • Very Light Weight

Video after the break.

The Kork™ has a great form factor, looks very comfortable in a person’s hands and the site is very well designed too. It’s available in A PRODUKT‘s store and it costs $67.

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