‘ipswDownloader’ – Sniff Out, Download iOS Firmware Files In Minutes – [JAILBREAK]

If you’re already up to speed with the methods available to jailbreak your iOS device, you’ll likely already know that tools such as redsn0w usually require you to download official iOS firmware files from Apple.

However, if you’re not able to extract these files from downloads via Tunes, up until now the internet has been your best (and only) shot – which, in most cases, can prove to be risky … especially if you happen to run across a firmware file which has been previously tempered with.

In an effort to rectify these issues, developer Vitaly Parovishnik has come up with ipswDownloader – a freely download application which will sniff out the official firmwares on Apple’s iTunes servers for almost all iOS devices, allowing you to download the firmware file you need in just a few minutes.

Alongside allowing you to download official iOS firmware files, ipswDownloader will also display the latest information about your jailbroken device, including which tool you originally used to jailbreak, whether your device is unlocked or locked and which baseband your device is currently running.

Supporting Mac (with no Windows version in sight), ipswDownloader is now available for download at MacUpdate.

[iFans via RemondPie]

(Via Razorianfly.)