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Launcher 1.2

Device: Mac OS
Category: Productivity
Price: $9.99 -> Free, Version: 1.2
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Launcher speeds up the way you work on your Mac! ***** Macworld rated 4 out of 5 mice *****Features✓ Application LauncherThere are several ways to launch applications.You can simply start typing the application name in the search string and you’ll immediately get the list of apps displayed in alphabetical order.You can use abbreviations, for example, “qtp” for QuickTime Player, “ab” for the Address Book, “rml” for Remind Me Later.Finally you can manually assign a handy command to specific app to launch it.✓ Web SearchesYou can send queries to search engines right from the Launcher. All you need is to choose your favourite among the dozens of search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, eBay, Youtube, and Wikipedia and assign them to short or even one-letter commands, for example, "g" – for Google, "e" – for eBay, "w" – for Wikipedia.Next time you need information enter the command and the search query with a space and Launcher will open your default browser with search results. For example, “e apples” will lead you to an eBay page with the results for “apples”.✓ CommandsLauncher will help you to simplify most common everyday actions like Mute, Play/Pause, Restart, Shutdown and others.✓ DictionaryYou can use Launcher as a superfast dictionary.Look up word definitions, choose most suitable meanings and copy them for further use right from the app.✓ Fast Access to Files, Folders & URLsLauncher is a flexible replacement for aliases. You can open certain files and folders with simple commands or abbreviations.You can do the same thing for URLs and make your favourite websites easier to reach.✓ ScriptsYou can execute shell commands without example, you can assign a shell command “/usr/bin/say $” to a word of command like “say”. After that Launcher will pronounce anything you enter in query after alias “say”.✓ Advanced CalculatorLauncher contains a built-in multi-precision calculator that allows you to perform simple and complex calculations.Enter any expression, e.g., “1/4+1/2”, or “pi”, or “sqr4761” to see the result and copy it for further use in other documents and calculations.

What’s New

– Bugfixes