iPad Case + Traditional 3 Ring Binder = ZooGue’s BinderPad

Do you take your iPad 2 to class or to meetings, or use it for note taking? If so, ZooGue has a great new iPad case that may help you stay organized.

The new BinderPad marries a standard tablet case with a three ring binder. At just three and a half ounces and a half an inch thick, the BinderPad can be snapped right into any three ring binder and stored right in your folder.

Physical bookstores like Borders are starting to become icons of the past, thanks to our eager adoption of the ebook format. Textbooks are starting to follow, and already, many textbooks are available in a digital format that can be viewed on the iPad. The BinderPad is the perfect school companion for both digital textbooks and your iPad, as it can store your tablet right with all of your notes and other school papers.

With the BinderPad, ZooGue is hoping that customers will see the wisdom in switching to digital textbooks using this new easy to carry case. “Textbooks suck,” says Tim Angel, CEO of ZooGue. “They’re heavy, expensive, and wasteful. Put an iPad in this baby, slap it into any 3 ring binder and you’re ready to go.”

This is a smart choice for students, but also for employees who frequent meetings and deal with a lot of loose papers. Now everything can be organized into a single three ring binder, which will also have the added benefit of providing just enough protection to your iPad 2.

The ZooGue BinderPad for iPad 2 is priced at just $29.99, and using custom designed tabs, it will fit into any three ring binder. Order it today to receive it before you go back to school at the ZooGue website. Check out a video of it in action below.

As a bonus, for every case ordered, ZooGue will donate $1 to children’s charities across the world.


(Via PadGadget)