Turn A Magic Trackpad Into A Numpad With The Mobee Magic Numpad

A new accessory from Mobee, which makes some inductive charging accessories for the Magic Mouse and Apple Keyboard, aims to use the Magic Trackpad as a Numpad replacement. The accessory is simply 3 plastic films that are applied onto a Magic Trackpad and a piece of software that translates a tap into a key command from a Numpad.

When purchasing the Mobee Magic Numpad you receive 3 different films to use on the Magic Trackpad, each of which have a different layout. You can see the three layouts below, the last of which includes six customizable keys. The films are claimed to be durable and re-usable in case you wish to change between layouts.

Mobee claims that with their product you will “instantaneously get both a Trackpad and a Numpad built into one single device” – although how exactly one switches between the Trackpad and Numpad ‘mode’ is not exactly explained. The Mobee Magic Numpad is available to order now for $29.90 but shipments won’t begin until October. So whilst this is certainly a niche product, it’s quite clever and fairly unobtrusive – although the real question would be how well it works and feels through some use.

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