Launch System Preferences and Applications with Help from Siri [Video]

Launch System Preferences and Applications with Help from Siri [Video]

Launch System Preferences and Applications with Help from Siri [Video]

If you ended up purchasing a iPhone 4S, you should be getting pretty comfortable using Siri. Siri is great when it comes to doing some pretty awesome tasks like, “Call Mom, Text Brian, What’s the weather” and the list goes on and on. But what is lacking for Siri is the ability to command her to do some basic system preference tasks like turn Wi-Fi & Bluetooth on or off, adjust Brightness, or even launch applications.

So what are we gonna do till then? Well Loopweb and bAdGB from the bAdgigabit team has brought to our attention a helpful shortcut or solution that will help us access these lacking features using Siri.The trick is based on launching apps via the URL scheme in Safari and luckily, you can add URL schemes into a contact. This is very helpful from your lockscreen or when you need your eyes and can’t fully pay attention to your Home Screen. Follow the steps below and you’ll be rocking and rolling with helpful shortcuts to your favorite apps and setting toggles in no time.

Attention: Make sure you copy the code exactly or it will not work.

First: Go into Contacts, add contact(+)[name of system settings](example:WiFi)

Second: Scroll down to home page and add one of the following Java Scripts codes (below) to help get you going in the right direction. Copy and pasting is recommended.

System Preferences Java Shortcut Commands:

  • Bluetooth: prefs:root=General&path=Bluetooth
  • Airplane Mode: prefs:root=Airplane_Mode
  • Brightness: prefs:root=Brightness
  • Sounds: prefs:root=Sounds
  • Wallpapers: prefs:root=Wallpaper

Application Java Script Shortcut Commands:

  • [Application Name]:// – Open Application (example: Twittelator)
  • itms-apps:// – Open the App Store
  • maps:// – Open the Maps app
  • sms:// – Open the compose window of the Messages app
  • music:// – Go to the currently playing song in the Music app
  • youtube:// – Open the YouTube app
  • itms-books:// – Open the iBooks app


Third: Add a photo of your choice to spice it up a bit and then save your contact.

Fourth: Activate Siri, say the name of the new system preference or application and then Siri will bring up the contact.

Fifth: Tap the “home page” and it will bring you to your desired location.

Check out the video I filmed to show you how useful this can be:

You can find tons of URL schemes at Akosma. [Link]

We hope this helps the community out and I would like to give a big shout out personally to bAdGB and the bAdgigabit for putting iDD up on .