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iDoc Expert for iPhone 1.0

Device: iOS iPhone
Category: Productivity
Price: Free, Version: 1.0
iDoc Expert for iPhone - iGATE

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Description : iDoc Expert for iPhone solution is a smart solution that includes features to support mobile workforce manage documents effectively and efficiently.Features :1) Document Reader Support1. Image files : png, jpeg, bmp, jpg, tiffi. Ability to annotateii. Varying the screen brightnessiii. Support Orientation2. Document files : pdf documentsi. Add and View Bookmarks ii. Zoom in and Zoom Out iii. View Annotations in the pdf iv. Access internal and external links present within the document v. Support Orientation vi. Ability to “Go to” page vii. Varying the screen brightness 3. Document files : MS office documentsi. Zoom in and Zoom Outii. Support Orientation4. Document files : Text & Audioi. Ability to capture and replay audio recording ii. Up to 3 draft copies of audio and its associated text file can be stored iii. Ability to Add, Edit and View text notes 2) Import files from1. Safari Browser2. iTunes3. Local Photo album4. Email3) Transfer Files via1. Bluetooth / Wi-Fi2. Send email ( File or Zip)3. Print the file4) File Operations1. Unzip a compressed file2. Rename File3. Preview4. Sync with local calendar for alerts5. Add to Favorites6. Sort files by Name, Date, Size7. Search by file name8. View the favorites, unread, bookmarks and recent history5) Folder Operations1. New Folder2. Move File(s)3. Copy File(s)4. Delete File(s)5. Zip File(s)