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OnLive Desktop 1.01

Device: iOS iPad Only
Category: Productivity
Price: Free, Version: 1.01
OnLive Desktop - OnLive, Inc.

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OnLive® Desktop is a service that provides a seamless, no-compromise, instant-response cloud-based PC desktop, wherever and whenever you want it. OnLive brings to your iPad a high-performance PC experience, regardless of the content, even when interacting with fast-action media. Features:• Instantly view, edit and create documents using actual Microsoft® Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint• Easily transfer files between OnLive Desktop and other devices• Experience high-performance, instant-response PC applications• Interact with lag-free animation and videoBased on groundbreaking video compression technology, OnLive harnesses the power of cloud computing to deliver a seamless, no-compromise remote PC desktop solution. Sign up for free at using OnLive Desktop at your company? Just install OnLive Desktop and sign in!

What’s New

Performance improvements