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Pomodoro Plus HD – Time Management Tool 1.1

Device: iOS iPad Only
Category: Productivity
Price: $5.99 -> Free, Version: 1.1
Pomodoro Plus HD - Time Management Tool - Tap.Tap.Ideas

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Pomodoro Plus HD is a time management tool based on the popular Pomodoro Technique™.The goal is to divide your tasks into smaller components (e.g., 25-minute units) called Pomodoros and to work through them without interruption. After each step, there is a short break.The result is that your focus is channeled into individual tasks and that your mental resiliency constantly improves.THIS IS HOW IT WORKS:1. Create a task and break it down into Pomodoros (work units)2. Start the timer for 25 minutes3. Work on that task without stopping4. When time is up, stop for 5 minutes5. Start the next Pomodoro (work unit) by restarting the timer, etc.After every fourth Pomodoro, you take a longer break.ADVANTAGESPomodoro Plus HD takes over the logging of work units and pauses for you. The timer helps you to concentrate on just one task within a given time frame. The recorded data show, for example, how much you accomplished today compared with yesterday or the week before. And at the same time, you can constantly monitor and improve yourself!★★★ INTEGRATED CALENDAR ★★★Pomodoro Plus HD is currently the only iPad App with an integrated calendar for easy planning of future and recurring projects.▶ TOP FEATURES• Retina Support• Simple, elegant user interface• Time management based on the Pomodoro technique• Calendar functions• Multitasking (Local Notifications)• Data records (Pomodoros completed today/yesterday, this week/last week, for the entire month or a 90-day average)• Animated digital timer▶ ADDITIONAL FEATURES• Captures unplanned tasks• Logs completed/interrupted Pomodoros• Pauses Pomodoros for short intervals• Adjustable timing for Pomodoros and pauses• Audio cues for Pomodoro start and finish times• Alarm clock ticker sound• Help function• Attractive notebook design• Task creation• Task editing• Task reordering • Task postponement • Task copying• Task deletion• Marking tasks as complete ahead of time• Archiving completed tasks to a calendarSETTINGS• Timer: Ticking- and Alarm- Sound can be separated turned on or off• Timer: sound can be turned on or off• Timer: animation for minutes and seconds can be turned on or off• Selectable timing for Pomodoros (2-60 minutes)• Selectable timing for short pauses (1-5 minutes)• Selectable timing for long pauses (15-45 minutes)• Auto-lock can be turned on or offLANGUAGESGerman, English, Spanish, French**** SUPPORT ****We welcome your feedback! If you have any problems or questions, contact: pomodoro@TapTapIdeas.comwww.TapTapIdeas.com

What’s New

NEW:+ Multitasking / Notifications: Pomodoro Plus now runs in background+ Retina Display Support for iPad 3+ Badge with due tasks in the app icon+ Ticker and Alarm Sound are now separated in settings+ Spanish and french translationPLANNED:+ Undo completion+ Autocomplete Pomodoros will be optional in the settings+ Short break up to 10 minutesBUG FIXES:- Edit box and move-dialog too small when in portrait mode.- Stats now counting done Pomodoros from Monday to Sunday.- and many more…Many thanks to the members in our Uservoice-Forum: http://pomodoro.uservoice.comWe really appreciate your feedback and suggestions!Many thanks to Peter, Oliveira, Mj, Craig, Felippo, Grant, Nez, Luke, Yoav, Laura, PaulH, Andreas, Marc, Joerg, Sabine!★★★★★If you like Pomodoro Plus please support our work into futures updates and give us a 5★ rating. Your suggested features will be implemented as soon as we can!★★★★★Your Pomodoro Plus HD TeamSven & Maik