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WorldScan HD – Scan Documents & Share PDF 1.0.0

Device: iOS iPad Only
Category: Business
Price: $3.99 -> Free, Version: 1.0.0
WorldScan HD - Scan Documents & Share PDF - RongSheng Qiu

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Over one million downloads in iphone.WorldScan will turn out to be an indispensable application for your iPhone. With WorldScan, you can rapidly scan documents, and convert them into PDF format, as well as save them or send them by email,wifi share and dropbox. Adopting advanced and fast algorithm, WorldScan automatically detects document edge so as to make the document even, remove shadow and set proper contrast. With powerful and easily operated interface, WorldScan can fast and simply adjust brightness, rotation and color through one click on one page. All WorldScan documents can be processed in your Iphone. Therefore, the document secrecy is ensured to the greatest extent. (Free of network connection) WorldScan features: 1. Scan multipage document—-scan and manage your document that may include multipage. 2. Fast scan in batch—-scan continuously in batch without process waiting, which is fast and convenient. 3. Automatic side cut—-utilize professional image processing algorithm to automatically help you cut the images. 4. Image enhancement—-ensure document is clear and readable. 5. Produce PDF—-preview and produce PDF. 6. Multi-sized PDFs—-more than 10 PDF sizes are available (Letter,A4,B5, etc).You can customize the size or use self-adaption mode. 7. Save image to image library—-conveniently process images so as to save them to image library. 8. Email—-send your documents (PDF) or processed images by email. 9. Add Header—-seach page of document may add headers, which can be searched. 10. Custom category—-set custom category for your document to achieve convenient management and search. 11. Multiple browse modes—-support browse modes, such as list and document-categorization. 12. Copy—-support function of document copy to achieve convenient document management. 13. Search—-Fast locate documents by searching document headers, page headers, etc. Scanning tips: make sure your document is smooth and sensitive to light. Note: provided that your Iphone is 3g mode or previous mode, you are imperative to place iphone at least 25 cm away from document in order to avoid being out of focus. Background of dead color may help to achieve the best detection result of document edge. Watch us on Youtube: