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Live Weather Now 1.0

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Weather
Price: Free, Version: 1.0
Live Weather Now - Andrei Cantir

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Have a look into the future and find the most accurate and detailed weather forecast for 10 days ahead!>>> The Live Weather Now application will reveal all the secrets and details of the weather in a stylish, beautiful and graphic way.□ Now, the weather will occur directly on your device!Looking at the amazing graphical representation of the weather, you can easily see the forecast for your city or any other corner from around the world!□ You will get an accurate forecast to help you properly plan your vacation, business event or farm work.□ You do not have to guess anymore, because Live Weather Now application can determine the weather, even in the smallest towns, and tell you how you're gonna feel it, considering all the factors.• Accurate hourly forecast for 10 days ahead, including the following parameters:- local time- speed and direction of the wind- real and perceived temperature of the air- humidity- dew point- The sediment level and its quality.• Clever and quick location search:- by name- by coordinates- by zip code- by GPS.+ error correction.• The ability to track the status of the Moon.• Beautiful live weather animation on the screen.• Ability to save favorite cities in the database for fast access.• Collection of beautiful landscapes for background and access to the gallery.• Choosing a convenient measurement system of weather data.• For convenience, you can hide the bottom bar.• Auxiliary information sheet.>>> Live Weather Now – is a reliable source of information, combining convenience and beautiful visualizations which you can safely trust.>>> Enjoy all weather conditions, along with Live Weather Now.