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Palu – Diary Communication Tool by Simple Sharing – 1.0

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Lifestyle
Price: Free, Version: 1.0
Palu - Diary Communication Tool by Simple Sharing - - MetaMoJi Corporation

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Palu is a communication tool that allows quick and easy sharing of calendars. Palu is different from other calendar applications in that your daily entries can be handwritten and include photographs and sketches. The application is well suited for use among family members and friends to capture appointments or capture feelings through drawing and photography. Calendars can be easily shared with family and friends allowing humorous interactions or expressive emotions to be captured. Access to shared calendars can be read-only or allow real-time synchronization of changes made by any party. Palu has been created to help users communicate more expressively with the precious people in their life.Basic Features:- Handwrite, sketch, and add photo attachments to each day in your calendar- No need to register e-mail address or personal information- Easy to share your calendars with family and friends- Two modes of sharing: view only and full access- Three calendars available for free- Overlap two calendars with holding down on a tab(iPad only)- Available for both iPad and iPhoneAdditional Features (Optional in-app purchases):- Remove advertisements to give more screen space- Increase the maximum number of calendars to seven on the iPad, and five on the iPhone.Notes:- All users who receive the invitation mail you create from Palu can access the calendar data. If recipients re-distribute the share invitation then these additional recipients will also gain access to the calendar.- If you turn off the sharing option for a calendar then the shared data will be deleted from our server and sharing stopped immediately.