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Cotton Notes 2.2

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Productivity
Price: $1.99 -> Free, Version: 2.2
Cotton Notes - Anthony Romano

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Cotton Notes is a simple, elegant, clean way to store all your notes, to-dos, pictures, and more! Cotton arranges your notes in an outline/hierarchical format, allowing you to drill down into your notes for more focus, or back up the hierarchy for a broad view of a project or context. Cotton integrates with Dropbox to sync notes acros all your devices, and with Evernote to attach an Evernote note anywhere in Cotton. Cotton also lets you share notes with your friends, so you can work on them together, and publish notes for the world to see. KEY FEATURES: COLLABORATE & PUBLISH You can collaborate on notes with anyone else who has Cotton installed (or even if they don't with a beta web-version). You can also publish a read-only copy of any of your notes and share them via email, Facebook or Twitter NOTE SYNCING You can keep notes in sync across all your devices if you have a Dropbox account. RICH TEXT SUPPORT VIA MARKDOWNYou can create bold and italic text, rich-text links, code blocks, and more all through the use of Markdown (iOS6 only)CALENDAR & REMINDERS Assign any note with a due date, priority or status. Sync notes with due dates your iPhone or iPad's native calendar. You can even set a reminder to go along with it. NOTE ATTACHMENTS Attach almost anything to a note: pictures, a quick sketch, a geo-location, a PDF or Office document, or even an EVERNOTE note. TAG & SEARCH Tag any note with as many tags as you want. Full text instant search across all your notes lets you quickly find what you're looking for. EXPORT & IMPORT NOTESExport some or all of your notes to Dropbox (as .txt or .opml), Evernote, or email them to yourself (or anyone else you want to). Import notes via OPML (open an OPML file with Cotton from email, Dropbox, Evernote, etc. and the notes will automatically import)AND MORE! Themes, favorites, checkboxes, private password-locked down notes, gesture support, an agenda view, file viewer, and more are all features Cotton Notes offers to help you be more productive. ————————————————- For all QUESTIONS, FEATURE REQUESTS, and BUG REPORTS please contact us at @cottonnotes on Twitter or email us at

What’s New

Fulfilling one of the most often requested features: tap and hold on an item to drag and drop it anywhere. You can even move notes with sub-notes inside them all at once!- Fixed a crash when editing on iOS5- Fixed a couple of sync bugs