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Fluid Notes 1.0

Device: iOS iPad Only
Category: Productivity
Price: Free, Version: 1.0
Fluid Notes - Michael Privat

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Fluid Notes, The Simple and Beautiful Note Taking and Handwriting App. Fluid Notes makes your notes clean, clear, crisp, and shareable. Build a library of organized notebooks, each with a customizable cover. Easily import, export, annotate, and backup pdf documents. Retina Ink never looked so good!Gone are the days of pinching, squeezing, and three finger movements to get what you want. Fluid Notes intuitively pops up the tools you need when you need them. Try the ball point pen, fountain pen, pencil, or even a crayon!The Fluid bookshelf keeps your notebooks organized in a visual manner. Tap any notebook to open it directly to the last edited page. Drag and drop notebooks to change the order, change cover styles and join notebooks together to create groups. Import and export notes as PDF documents. Share and backup your docs with DropBox, Evernote, Google Drive, and Box integration. All of these features will make sure your notes are always just a touch away.Taking notes, filling in tax forms, contracts, and order forms on-the-go will be seamless and fast. All your important documents can be stored on the Cloud and completely editable at any time.Features:• Fluid Intuitive Interface• High Resolution Move-Along Typing/Writing Box• 4 Writing Tools and Tons of Colors• PDF Importing and Annotating• Import/Export Options to Google Drive, DropBox, Evernote, and Box• Beautiful Customizable Notebook Cover Options• Excellent Organizational Capabilities• Retina InkFluid is free with in-app upgrades including color selections, notebook cover design selections, calendars, note exports, paper selections, page preview, and more.Brought to you by Majorspot, Inc., a Jacksonville, Florida Mobile Software Solutions Company who aims to help users reach their peak productivity with as little hassle as possible. Easy apps make for easy solutions.