Inkist (Entertainment) ~ Professional painting app for iPad, FREE FOR LIMITED TIME, GRAB IT

Inkist 1.0

Device: iOS iPad Only
Category: Entertainment
Price: $1.99 -> Free, Version: 1.0
Inkist - Tai Shimizu

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Free for a limited time!*Inkist lets you paint on your iPad with highly customizable brushes and tools you expect from advanced painting software. Inkist eschews the trend of hiding interface elements from you, and presents you with everything you need up front. This minimizes the number of taps needed to switch between tools and provides you with a faster, more streamlined drawing experience.FEATURES • Stylus pressure sensitivity with Adonit Jot Touch, Pogo Connect and JaJa. • Ability to screen out non-stylus touches with Adonit Jot Touch (Requires Jot Touch 4). • Ability to screen out non-stylus touches with Pogo Connect. • Share layered files with Inkist/Inkist Lite Mac • Three layers with blend modes, opacity, and opacity locking settings • Import/export PNG, PSD (Photoshop), and proprietary ISImage file formats (PSD compatibility limitations listed below)CUSTOMIZABLE BRUSHES • Custom shape/pattern • Radius • Minimum radius (light stylus pressure, or beginning and end of stroke) • Radius jitter • Softness • Opacity • Minimum opacity • Opacity jitter • Flow • Scatter • Color jitter • Hue • Brightness • Saturation • Angle • Angle jitter • Make angle follow brush • Brush files compatible with Inkist on MacOTHER FEATURES • Blending tool • Dodge/Burn blending with customizable strength for highlights, mid tones, and temperature adjustment • Line tool • Selection tools • Hue saturation lightness controls • Luminance curves • Text tool • Image sizes up to 2048×2048 • Option to move toolbar for a left-handed interface • Brush stroke mirroring • GuidelinesPSD Limitations • Layers are supported, but layer settings (blend modes, transparency settings) are not • Layers above the bottom three layers will be flattened into the top Inkist layer • Inkist may have trouble opening images significantly larger than Inkist’s maximum canvas sizeScreenshot artwork generously provided by: 1st: Ray Dillon: http://raydillon.com2nd: iPad Creator: http://necojarashi.blogspot.com3rd: http://kopiikat.deviantart.com4th:*As a show of good faith for future development, Inkist is free until updated to address some of the concerns of users, most notably the lag that may be present depending on device and brush used.