contour collage LE (Graphics & Design) ~ Create your own shape of collages for photos, IT’S FREE, GET IT

contour collage LE 1.1.0

Device: Mac OS
Category: Graphics & Design
Price: Free, Version: 1.1.0


Macworld **** “Make snazzy graphic shapes or text headlines with your photo collection.” – Duncan Evans With contour collage, you arrange many photos into a collage that has a clearly discernible contour or shape: a heart, star, or your companys logo. You can either use one of the many built-in shapes, use the text generator, or supply your own image that contour collage then converts to a shape/contour. Additionally, you can tell contour collage to alter the contour of all the photos in the collage to that of one of the supported shapes. For example, you can tell contour collage to create a heart-shaped collage out of photos that are all shaped like a puzzle piece. contour collages main features: • Interactive image tray • Lots of built-in shapes that can be filled or outlined • Exceedingly fast (once all images have been loaded) • Simple, intuitive interface • Exports to many different file formats • Integration with iPhoto, Aperture,, Desktop, Apple MailPlease note that enabling hi-resolution export requires an in-app purchase.