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ClipList 1.0.4

Device: Mac OS
Category: Business
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ClipList is a menu bar app for managing multiple clipboard text items by storing clipboard contents in a list displayed as its menu items. Menu item titles are set to the clipboard content (or part of it when it is too long to fit.) Items can be saved to files for persistent storage, as ClipList documents, and later restored. This lets you load clippings lists on a per project or app basis.What can ClipList do for me?• Save the clipboardFrom any app you can save the current clipboard contents into ClipLists clippings list by selecting “Save Clipboard” in the menu.• Save current app selectionUsing the Services menu item “Save to ClipList” or typing its keyboard shortcut you can copy the current app text selection into ClipLists clippings list.• Paste saved clippingsFrom any app you can paste an item from ClipLists clippings list simply by selecting the item from the menu. • Organize clippings into filesUsing menu items “Save items” and “Open items” you can save and load saved clippings. Selecting a menu item in the clippings list restores the saved clipboard text associated with that item to the clipboard, and also pastes it into the frontmost app. You can add items from the current app text selection using a service item called “Save to ClipList.” To do this simply select the menu item from the Services menu of the current app. Since it is a service you can associate a keyboard command for invoking it. The program “pings” after the item is entered into the menu items.After launching ClipList you may need to open Services preferences (in the Keyboard preferences of System Preferences) and select this option. You also may want to open Services Preferences so that you can assign a keyboard shortcut to copy the app’s current selection to the ClipList menu. Click down in the keyboard shortcuts column to start an edit, then type the keys you want to use to make the shortcut. Remove a specific item by selecting “Remove” from its submenu. Remove all the clipboard items by selecting the “Remove All Items” menu item. The clipboard items are saved when the program is quit, and restored when it is launched. In addition you can choose the “Save Items…” menu item to save the clipboard list to a disk file. You can subsequently reload the clipboard items by selecting the “Open Items…” menu item. In this way you can associate groups of clippings with specific apps or projects. Put the application into your login items if you want it to launch automatically whenever you log in. Go to System Preferences “Accounts” and then click the “Login Items” pane. Then simply drag ClipList into the list.

What’s New

• Fixed: Menu items “Remove all items” and “Save items” were not disabled when there are no items.• Fixed: When opening a cliplist document ClipList was asking you if you want to replace the current clipboard items when there are none.• Fixed: When there are no clipboard items to display the menu displays “There are no clipboard items”.• Fixed: When the clipboard does not contain text, the menu item “Save Clipboard” is disabled.• Fixed: The text read from the clipboard was never erased when ClipList was done with it, causing a memory leak.• Fixed: The app was creating a speech synthesizer, which is only used in the non-MAS version.