Pocket Cycle – Period & Fertility tracker with calendar for BOTH of you. (Healthcare & Fitness) ~ Good to help couple for keep track period cycle, IT’S FREE, GET IT

Pocket Cycle – Period & Fertility tracker with calendar for BOTH of you. 1.2

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Healthcare & Fitness
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A period app your won’t mind sharing with Him! Pocket Cycle keeps track of your period and fertility without all the inputting and upkeep of similar apps. Just tap the visual calendar to enter in your last period and choose your cycle length. That’s it!BUILT FOR YOU, GREAT FOR HIMPocket Cycle is the only app of its kind designed for *both* of you. We’ve made it fun to invite your Partner to connect and keep up with your cycle. That way he will be more prepared to provide emotional support, plan trips and romantic evenings at the perfect time without having to ask, and know your most fertile days when planning a pregnancy. Husbands and boyfriends love this app as much as you do!GORGEOUS AND FUN TO USETrack your current period in one glance with a beautifully designed Cycle view, and see upcoming cycles in a scrolling monthly Calendar. Set personal reminders to make sure you remember to Take the Pill, or receive discreet notifications like “The bees are coming” to pencil in romantic evenings when planning a pregnancy. And an optional passcode lock keeps your privacy absolutely secure.MODERN, RESEARCH-BASED FERTILITY TRACKINGPocket Cycle uses the modern and scientifically-researched Standard Days Method (SDM) developed by the institute for Reproductive Health at Georgetown University to help predict fertility, with accuracy up to 95%!SIMPLE & ELEGANT INTERFACE –CYCLE• Track this month’s cycle with a quick glance • Fertile days are displayed in green, your ovulation day in blue • Early or late this month? Just rotate the dial to recalibrate your period• Tap the center button to change your period & cycle settings• Even if you miss a few months, it still works when you come back!CALENDAR• View your entire cycle instantly on a convenient monthly calendar• Scroll to see upcoming cycles, even two months at the same time• Plan upcoming events and vacations around your period• Takes all the guesswork out of predicting your most fertile daysPARTNER (In-App Purchase)• Invite your partner with just a tap using Facebook login (or by email)• Share your cycle info for him to view only• Your reminders are always kept private, even from your partnerREMINDERS (In-App Purchase)• Receive discreet notifications when your period is about to start or end• Playful, customized notifications you can set for fertile days• Personal reminders with customized messages for anything you choosePRIVACY• Optional 4-digit passcode to protect your privacy • Discreet name and iPhone icon to prevent curious eyes• Keeps your period Reminders & Calendar separate from iPhone’s built-in apps• With you wherever you go: for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPadWhen calculating fertility for pregnancy with natural family planning, Pocket Cycle takes advantage of scientific research developed by the institute for Reproductive Health at Georgetown University. Known as the Standard Days Method (SDM), it is more accurate than the ‘rhythm method’ of yesteryear and has a real-world failure rate comparable to that of condoms. Even so, this app is designed for informational purposes only and should not be used to prevent pregnancy.

What’s New

You can now track intimate days from the calendar, just tap on the day and activate the heart.