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DockView 2.1.2

Device: Mac OS
Category: Utilities
Price: Free, Version:


DockView extends OS X’s Dock and shows window previews whenever you hover your mouse over an application or while using CMD+Tab. It helps you visualise the windows you currently have open and easily find the window you are looking for.Features:• Activate windows. Click anywhere on a preview to activate the window.• Close windows. You can use DockView to easily close windows.• Live previews. The previews refresh constantly so you can keep an eye on windows without activating them.• Dock Badges. DockView can show dock badges with the number of windows open.• Customizable. The previews can be any size you want.• No hacks. DockView doesn’t modify the Dock or any system file.

What’s New

PLEASE READ! This is a PAID ($3.99) upgrade for all DockView version 1 users. • If you want to keep using DockView 1 and get rid of the App Store update notifications, you can download DockView 1 from• A lot of things have changes in version 2 and many settings have been removed as they were considered unnecessary. If you would like any feature/settings to be added back, please contact me and let me knowChanges in this version:• Added back the option to disable dock badges for apps that have only one window.• Fixed a bug which caused the full-size window previews to re-appear while switching between spaces/desktops• Fixed a lot of bugs related to how the dock badges move/resize while the dock is animating. If you notice any case in which the badges behave differently than the dock, please let me know!• Fixed a bug which caused dock badges to appear blurry on Retina displays• Fixed a bug which sometimes caused previews for Finder windows to not be shown• Fixed a memory leak• Fixed a bug which sometimes caused previews to be shown for windows that have been closed and no longer existed