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File Shelf Free 5.1.1

Device: Mac OS
Category: Utilities
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File Shelf Free is a file management tool, it can help you manage your files better.Key Features: ● You can add any files here, including the folder. ● You can create file category in order to manage them conveniently. ● You can search for files in current category and all categories. ● You can set image file to the desktop image. ● You can ascending and descending order files. ● You can add file labels, It’s easier to find files. ● You can move files from one category to another category. ● You can modify the category name. ● Move files into the buffer in order to manage your files better, can also let your desktop become cleaner. ● Support drag and drop to add files.● File Shelf Star can create more categories.● Contact us If you have any questions, you can contact us by email. Email address :

What’s New

File Shelf Star does not delete users files, you can right-click and select “Open Buffer Dictionary” to find the original file,Of course, it can be set in the Preferences. you can choose whether to move the file path.