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iScope2c 2.0

Device: iOS iPad Only
Category: Productivity
Price: Free, Version: 2.0

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iScope2c is the best way to manage and visualize the projects that you work on with other people. It fits perfectly your solo project management, but it has been specifically designed for teamwork and collaboration.With iScope you can keep track of your company’s strategic planning, give an impulse to the marketing plans and also know immediately what on Earth is stopping your new product from being launched.iScope2c lets you work together with your team to get things done.What can you do with iScope?•Create your projects and follow their completion.•Create tasks for each project, with 3 levels of sub tasks.•Share and delegate any task to someone else. When they mark it done, your task will be marked done as well, and the project will move forward.•Invite someone to observe how a task is doing.What can be done in every task?•Comment, everybody related to that task can have a say.•Notes & drawings to get your ideas across.•Attachments, oh, did we mention attachments?What shall I do now?•Integrated To Do list in the left panel. Just swipe and stop procrastinating.