digi.me (Lifestyle) ~ Let you easy to flashback, search and review your liked posts, IT’S FREE, GET IT


digi.me 1.4

Device: Mac OS
Category: Lifestyle
Price: Free, Version: 1.4



What happens when you combine the data you are generating?

Install digi.me for instant access to all your Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter posts, likes and pins. All of this in your hand, in a single private Library, stored in a place you control.

• Quickly find a photo you posted years ago
• Create saved search queries to find all the recipes you pinned or liked
• See all the photos one friend liked
• Search through captions and comments across all connected sources
• Re-share photos and posts
• Get daily flashbacks of what you were up to years back

digi.me creates a super secure copy of all your content but only stores it in a place of your choice. Today that’s your Dropbox, with alternatives coming very soon. We respect your data so we built digi.me in a way that means we do not see, touch or hold your data.

You can also view your Library from your other devices.

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